Wokgerichte im Hotel Natürlich in Tirol, Österreich.
Salatbuffet von Hotel Natürlich - Familien-Ferien in Fiss.
Gesunde Salatvariationen im Hotel Natürlich, Tirol.
Grillabend - Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss-Ladis, Tirol.
Grillgemüse - Hotel Natürlich Tirol, Österreich.
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Our concept for your food at the hotel Natürlich in Tyrol

Themenabende im Hotel Natürlich in Fiss. Familienzimmer in Tirol.

The "Pure Nature Concept" for a free and natural winter holiday for the whole family in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. 

…“Every night a five course meal? My kids can’t sit quietly for so long. I am also too tired for such a meal. On the other hand it is also uncomfortable to reserve a table at a restaurant every day. Then one is bound to a specific time. The Natürlich is the perfect solution for this problem. I’m flexible and can plan my holiday according to my wishes - without having to worry about a thing! Wonderful, holiday at the Natürlich!“…

 The Natürlich tries to offer the perfect combination between a hotel with half-board and a hotel Garni. We came up with a concept that does not only enable our guests to be flexible during their holiday but also to enjoy variety. Casual - you are not bound to a specific time, you can also decide at short notice.

Theme-Nights - Hotel Natürlich - Concept for your dinner in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis.

Hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tyrol offers you:

Element Luft - Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Familienzimmer und Spielplatz. Would you like to eat at a restaurant? The Natürlich helps to find the right place and, of course, also makes the reservation for you! (click here for the restaurant guide)

Element Erde- Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Sommer-Ferien in Austria. Your’re only a little hungry in the evening after a good lunch? No problem! You can order something from our small menu. Different homemade soups, salads, pizza, Flammkuchen, toast and fingerfood. ( Excerpt of the small menu)

Element Feuer - Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Familien-Ferien in Österreich. You are a group and have a specific request? A lot is possible, please, just ask!

Element Wasser- Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Entspannung in Österreich. On Mondays there is a Schnitzel evening (escalope) at the hotel Natürlich. The best-known Austrian dish. Salad buffet, main course (also suitable for vegetarians) and a dessert. (not included in the price)

Element Luft - Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Familienzimmer und Spielplatz. On Wednesdays there is a pasta evening 2.0. Homemade noodles in different variations. Salad buffet and dessert. (not included in the price)

Element Erde- Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tirol. Sommer-Ferien in Austria. On Fridays there is a barbecue evening. Good Austrian meat (beef, pork, poultry), prawns, corncobs, grilled vegetables, grilled sausages, different side dishes and the Natürlich salad buffet. Barbecue evening in winter - only at the Natürlich. (not included in  the price)

Picture gallery concept "Pure Nature" at the hotel Natürlich

Natürlich. Hotel in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis, Tyrol. The family winter region. !!close to the pistes!!