Hunde Willkommen im Hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tirol.
Winterurlaub mit Hund in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tirol.
Hunde im Natürlich. Hotel in SFL - Tirol.
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'Holiday with dog' at the hotel Natürlich in Fiss, Tyrol

Urlaub mit Hund in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis in Tirol, Österreich.

"If you want to love me, also love my dog"

St. Bernhard of Clairvaux, 1090-1153

…"You too want to go on winter holiday in the mountains of Fiss instead of staying at home? That's possible! At our Hotel Natürlich, dear dogs, you are welcome! Just bring your  owners and their kids with you ;-)"…

There are six rooms for dogs and their owners at the Hotel Natürlich in Fiss. Our hotel is animal-friendly. This means, that some rooms are reserved for dogs, who have brought their owners with them to Fiss!

Our rooms for dogs are located at the ground floor and either have a balcony or an own terrace with a little grass area! All rooms have a beautiful view of the alpine world of Fiss.

Click here to see the rooms for dogs or the location of the rooms.

Natürlich. Hotel in Fiss, Tyrol - Holidays with dog.

Hotel location in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis - Austria.

You can go for a walk with your owners directly from the room! The hotel Natürlich is located at the outskirts of the village and at the hotel starts a trail. After a few metres you are in the woods. Fiss is a very animal-friendly village. There is no problem with dog excrement, since there are dog stations all over the place. Metal poles with a container for plastic bags and a dustbin. A hygienic way to dispose of dog excrement! Please make use of it.

Your dog should have a holiday as well! He is supposed to run around and it can happen that he is full of dirt. At our hotel this is no big problem. The rooms are directly accessible from the underground car park. There is a small dog cleaning station with towels so that you can clean your dog. There is no need to walk through the entire hotel, this way everyone is happy!

Your dog can look forward to:

Element Luft - Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol trails starting at the hotel   
Element Erde - Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol. dog stations in the village
Element Feuer - Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol. a small terrace or a balcony 
Element Wasser -- Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol. organized hikes   
Element Luft - Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol. dog cleaning station
Element Erde - Urlaub mit Hund in Fiss, Tirol. dog basket, a place to relax for your dog

Winter holiday in Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis. Hotel for families, couples, groups, nature- and sport enthusiasts!